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Our Story


6D.School (2024 onwards), was born as SOIL - School of Innovation and Leadership (2020-23), world's first Gen Z Cloud Campus promoting Learning by Problem Solving. During its initial years, SOIL students and mentors have created an AI-Powered Educational AID (Ask Anjlee) to the Covid Impacted Students & Families in 2021. 


During this course of existence, we realized the need for Free Educational Aid for Socially, Economically Deprived Students across the world. Our Mission to serve 1 Million Covid impacted students has now turned into a Mega Mission of serving at least 10 Million Basic Education Deprived Children across the globe. This led to the extension of Ask Anjlee from a Bot to an Academy.


Education is the basic foundation framework that helps build a human's Social and Professional Character. Education gives clarity and confidence to lead life. Education helps one navigate from a state of confusion to clarity in every walk of life. Hence our commitment to impart this powerful framework to every child who deserves the fundamental right to learn.


6D.School, thus leveraging 21st-century Digital Technologies as its building blocks, is attempting to "revolutionalize the delivery" of Primary, Secondary, and Skill Education to Millions of beneficiary student communities across the planet.

in Feb 2024, SOIL & Ask Anjlee have been merged to form 6D.School, an under 18 platform that caters the learning appetite of Neo Gen Digital Natives.

Global Education Delivery Pain Points:

  • Thousands of Schools' Closure due to Covid19 Impact

  • Loss of Parents & Family Members who sponsor the Child's Education

  • Economically Destroyed Families for various reasons

  • Non-Availability of Trained Teachers in Remote Villages and Small Towns

  • Destruction of the Schools' Supply Chain across the globe due to Covid19


Whom all can Benefit:

6D.School is an educational platform that can be leveraged by Orphans, Rural Students, Remote Tribal Communities, Govt Schools, Welfare Schools and Hostels, Home Schoolers, Tier 2 & Tier 3 Schools, Teachers across the Globe, New and Existing Schools, and Aspiring Teachers.


6D School,   6D.SIP unit of 6D.Research Foundation is a collective effort of 500+ Global Leaders, Techies, Volunteers, Teachers, Interns, and Students.

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Special Full Story
on TV5

Image by Deeksha Pahariya
"Game-Changing Solution to Deliver Education at Scale"

A Simple, Intuitive, and Thoughtful way to package regular school and classroom-based activities and deliver them to needy kids across the country and the globe. Saves millions of human hours of planning the timetables, content creation, and day-to-day delivery for small to rural schools as well. Simply Superb !!!

GRG wholeheartedly supports this great initiative - Ask Anjlee Academy.

Dr. Nandini Rangaswamy, Chairman GRG Institutions, Coimbathore, India

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